Keep Hair Honest

Terrible stuff, this Hair-Olympics case. An entire team disqualified, Australia going unrepresented, and all because of a media scandal. The team themselves didn’t even do anything except be exceptional at hairdressing; it was the manager who came out right before they were due to fly to the competition, announcing that she couldn’t take the pressure from social media, and also letter bombs.

It all came out: she’d chosen participants from all Melbourne CBD hairdressing salons because of her belief that Melbourne had the best hair care in the world, and on further investigation, she was from Alice Springs. Anyway, the team fell apart, the ruling body of the competition said that the team was compromised, and I imagine they all went back to work today feeling a bit glum.

It might not be the most PC opinion, but I’ve travelled quite a bit throughout Australia and I have to say…I think Melbourne are a cut above the rest, pun intended. Not that we shouldn’t give people from other cities a fair shake of the sauce bottle, but here in the city of the arts, I can’t blame you for thinking that hairdressing is one more thing we’re better at.

I’m certainly very happy whenever I go into my local hairdresser in David Jones whenever I’m out shopping. In fact, I’ve had very few bad haircuts in Melbourne, most of them in my early days when I’d just moved here and I didn’t know the scene. There’s even a little hair salon down in St James’ Place where they do the most wonderful highlighting service, whenever I’m feeling a bit peppy and adventurous. And if you wanted something crazy…well, I’m sure that’s more than available as well.

Still, there’s talk of a competition between states, which would be lovely to see. A good little bit of Australian competition. I hoping to see the hairdressing studios versus everywhere else, in a FAIR competition, just how everything should be.