Nailed It

Today I had a long overdue catch-up with my friend Karen. We did the usual rounds – coffee, gossip, shopping, mani and pedi, more shopping, more gossip, more coffee. I got to find out all the details of her divorce and her supposed new engagement; as it turned out, Patrick had gotten most of it wrong. It was much less of a horror story than I’d expected, actually. If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have offered in advance to pay for our nails, but whatever.

That said, Karen looked like she could really do with some TLC in the foot department, judging by that ingrown toenail. I really think she should have a foot specialist look at that, as I’ve heard they can lead to fungal nail infections. Melbourne winters can enable neglect of our feet, being that they’re always swaddled in boots or bed socks, I know Karen will regret ignoring this come summer. I mean, she bought a pair of sandals on our shopping trip. It’s June, for crying out loud.

I tried getting Karen onto the topic of podiatry without pointing directly to her mangled toenail, but she seemed oblivious to my efforts. In her defence, the topic I brought up was children’s orthotics. Cheltenham Community Health Collective had just posted some article about kids foot conditions on social media, so the idea was to use that as a segue into discussing foot health in general. Instead, we ended up talking about her nephew’s recent footy triumphs, which I should definitely have seen coming.

Still, the expensive pedicure surely didn’t hurt. It’s not the same as podiatry, of course, but it’s very therapeutic for the ol’ cracked heels and battered cuticles. I did think the technician might address the ingrown nail issue, but she made a single, diplomatic remark and left it at that. I’m sure Karen probably already knows about it – it’s her foot, after all – but she might not realise there’s anything she can do about it. She’d better cotton on soon, though, if she plans to rock those new sandals this year.