Not Your Conveyancer

My friend Natasha is usually good for a yarn over coffee, but I have to say, her tales have started edging into boring territory ever since she got on this ‘buying a house’ train. It was fun at first – checking out her latest real estate finds and joking about the fact that she, of all people, is in this position. But as the process has progressed, I’m hearing more and more about the legal and financial intricacies of it all.

It’s not even that I have a problem with that, but there’s only so many times I need to hear about the finer points of property transfers. Melbourne homeowners, did you regale your friends with excerpts from the Sale of Land Act 1962, or insist that they join you in analysing your Vendor’s Statement – not just once, but multiple times – when you were in the market? Maybe this habit of Natasha’s is not that uncommon among first-home buyers. Perhaps it’s a nervous thing, stemming from being about to drop a massive wad of borrowed cash on something that may or may not meet your needs.

That’s the thing, right? Generally speaking, you don’t get to try a house on for size. I happen to know that Natasha is the type of person who refuses to buy clothes online, because you can’t tell by looking if they’re going to fit right, even if you know your size. You need to try things on, have a good look at how the fabric falls, assess whether that pocket is well-appointed and consider if, in truth, you’re actually going to wear this thing. I feel the same about all that, so I’d totally get it if Natasha was feeling a little tense about the property buying thing.

Still, that’s no excuse for her lame conversation game. This is why people try to find the best conveyancing services Melbourne has to offer. There are plenty of people qualified to pore over title transfer documents and explain legal jargon, so why dump it on your friends? I’m happy to provide friendly input, but that doesn’t extend to repeated Section 32 reviews.