Thinking of Conveyancers

Sometimes I really do wonder what people think, watching Week of Our Lives and seeing their own profession…well, not ‘slandered’, but not exactly shown in the best light. Like, when Alexa came to town and she started making waves by telling everyone that Robert was the one who stole all the chocolate eggs during the Realsville Easter Egg Hunt. This resulted in Robert fleeing across the sea in a rowboat which gave Alexa the freedom to take over his cactus selling business. Turns out it was secretly valued at $60,000,000 because Robert was unknowingly breeding rare specimens.

Like, what do cactus salespeople thing of that? And all those affairs taking place in offices and hospitals…I’d be tempted to avoid them in real life. So you’ve got Jessica, who specialises in the sale of land act 1962, which makes her a premium property professional. But then there was that storyline a few years back where she made come-hither eyes at Harry in public. Harry’s wife Talia went crazy and engaged in a secret flower war with Jessica where they’d sneak into each other’s gardens by night and plant/nurture flowers and orchids that just did NOT fit with the rest of the garden’s aesthetic. And I just think, as a property conveyancer, I wouldn’t be happy with that. Here I am performing a vital service and there are conveyancers on television getting into flower battles and having blazing, dramatic, desk-tossing rows in their offices over whether a man did or did not look at them.

Could just be me. Maybe the conveyancing offices in Melbourne laugh it off and just get on with their work, because unlike me, they separate life and fiction with no problem. I guess if it was people on TV doing very bad conveyancing, or plastic surgery, or beekeeping, that would be different. But I’ve never been that attached to my job…so I don’t know.