Travelling Green

People sure do get over things quickly in this city. I guess they have a lot going on, but since no one yet knows who the Night Valkyrie is, you would think that it’d still be big news. Last night she busted a huge drug smuggling operation by herself, piston-punching the criminals into submission for easy arrest by the cops. If that happened in Sydney, it’d be front page news and on every single television channel.

But because it’s Melbourne, it gets a mention on page three while a proposed green travel plan makes the front page.

I guess that’s fine. The vigilante does her work, but a green travel plan could be genuinely helpful for the future. Still, that’s a remarkable amount of restraint shown by the newspapers, putting the more important thing ahead of vigilante sensationalism. Also, thanks to that, I’ve done some reading into green travel plans, and there’s some fascinating stuff.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that everyone around here just accepts the weird and wacky. You may read a blog or two where a person claims they’ve seen a human android walking around the CBD pretending to drink soup, maybe there are alien and werewolf ‘sightings’, but everyone is so over it now that they just want to read about real stuff. Like traffic plans. And how we can get together on rubbish drives and clean up the city. And planting trees. These are just some examples of headlines I saw today, although a few did succumb to the peer pressure and write front-page headlines about how Yaival DuMesque was seen with his arm around a woman who wasn’t his wife at the premiere of Sinner, Sinner, Chicken Spinner. That’s the action-comedy about the dishonest chicken salesman who vastly inflates the egg-laying ability of his poultry. Not sure I’ll see it, unless I’ve got some time to kill before the flight.

So yeah. Green travel plans sure have been fun to research. That also led me down a rabbit hole of VCAT expert evidence, and I think I might be a travel expert now. 

Still kinda curious about that vigilante, though…