A bathroom horror







My sister is currently going through a very stressful period of time in her life. She recently broke up with her crazy boyfriend that I never liked, started a new job, and has taken on the responsibility of adopting a stray dog. While it might seem like she’s on the up with all these positive changes, she’s finding herself to be more stressed out than usual. My sister does have a history of suffering from anxiety, but it’s been particularly heightened in the last month. Our mum believes that the spike in my sister’s stress is the result of so many big changes happening all at once.

To help my sister out with her stress, mum suggested that she move into our grandmother’s home. Our grandmother recently relocated to a care facility, leaving her house empty. By having my sister move in, it meant she could not only live rent-free for a little bit, but also take care of my grandmother’s house to ensure no squatters moved in. This sounded like a good idea, in theory. The only issue is that my grandmother’s house was in terrible condition. In fact, it was almost inhabitable. 

The bathroom was especially bad. We knew that there was no choice but to find a bathroom renovations specialist near Melbourne who could get this mess sorted. At first we thought it could be sorted with a good clean up, but after spending a whole day on our hands and knees scrubbing the mess out of the grout we knew there was no hope. This bathroom was dated, old, and a mess. When the bathroom designer came to visit, they were in shock. They said it was very rare to see a bathroom in such awful condition.

I had to ask them, ‘how much does a bathroom renovation cost?’ The whole bathroom would need to be pulled out and replaced with a totally new setup. There was no way it was going to be cheap. We started this project for my sister to have less stress, but now she’s only got more.