Bonus: Aquafaba Ideas

If you’ve been following these recipes, you’ll know that aquafaba is an indispensable ingredient in creating plant-based sweets. But it’s no one-trick pony – here are five surprising uses that the humble chickpea brine can be put to.

Roasting potatoes without oil. Seriously. Just lightly boil your taters, drain and steam dry, then drizzle with aquafaba and add a sprinkle of semolina. Shake it all together and roast. The result is a crispy, golden and a convincing alternative to oil roasting.

Egg replacement in savory recipes. Basically, anything that you’d normally hold together with egg – like fresh pasta, pizza crusts, crepes, breads and patties – can be made by substituting with aquafaba. Take advantage of its binding properties, do a bit of research and get creative.

Making plant-based butter or cream. This aquafaba butter recipe also features coconut oil, cold pressed rapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar – nothing too fancy required! Or try this technique for aquafaba whipped ‘cream’ and get the iced coffee of your dreams happening.

Replacing egg whites in cocktails. You know the ones: pisco sour, whiskey sour, sloe gin fizz and the like. Make them with aquafaba to have your vegan cocktail and drink it, too.