Tinting Solves Everything…Maybe?


Gee, that’s a funny word. ‘Tinting’. Anyway, big developments tonight on Week of Our Lives, which is now on right before The Great Australian Trade-Off, so…that’s my evening sorted!

Anyway, things are really heating up in the great battle between the semi-Amish forest people and the normal denizens of the town. The usurpers are setting everyone on edge, and at the same time they’re established themselves as skilled business-people, intent on running the economy into the ground. To this end, Jackie called a meeting and said that office window tinting would be their salvation. Not just ordinary office window tinting…office window tinting companies in Melbourne.

I was as confused as everyone else, but Jackie gave an impassioned speech in which she stated her plan. Not exactly out of character, but still a strange development none the less. They’d contact an office window tinting company, get them to come to Realsville, and every single window in the whole town will be tinted to perfection. Then, all their plans will be safe, because the forest people can’t read their lips through the windows.

Alright, I’ll be honest. I lost the plot at that point. Or rather, I got confused at how the writers seemed to be losing the plot. Tinting is fun and all, but the episode ended with all the townspeople lifting Jackie onto their shoulders and then there was a dance party in the streets and I’m thinking…what’s going on? I just can’t keep up with where the show is going any more. All those tight plots and satisfying twists, replaced with random stories and this strange civil war arc.

It’s a nice shout out to commercial window tinting, but I just don’t know how much longer I can keep watching. At this point I’m almost at the point of expecting the worst every time I sit down and turn on TV. I wonder what the forum friends have to say about this…