Oxygen Complications

They’ve never tackled anything medical on The Great Australian Trade-Off. Suppose that makes sense, because there were SO many medical professionals all around the place this week, even though their products weren’t actually being used on anyone for real. Well, mostly. They usually try to keep the professionals off the camera, but this week they …

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Trust Isn’t Helped by Needles

You know you’re in for a great time when you show up at a team-building exercise morning (which are now weekly, by the way) and the new motivational speaker starts with “I know trust falls are clichéd, but we’re going to make them fun again!” Their method of fun was to make us fall after …

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Oxygen: It’s the Future

Am I the only one who watches sci-fi, with people sailing through the depths of space in various types of craft, and wonders what it’s like to breathe artificial oxygen? I’ve seen it addressed in ONE movie. ONE. Someone gets on a spaceship for the first time and says that the air tastes a bit …

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