Community nursing wonders












When you move into a new home, it’s important you take a moment to evaluate its surroundings. I quite often see people move into homes that are near loud bars or schools, and complain about the noise or traffic congestion. While I do feel a level of sympathy for these people, it was their choice to move to these locations. My husband and I took all this into consideration when purchasing our current home. Our current home is in a nice quiet street with other like minded residents. The only non-residential property in the whole street is a support coordination facility for disabled people in Adelaide. This facility poses no issue to us whatsoever. In fact, it’s actually inspiring living across from it. 

Before living here, I never really took a moment to stop and think about how easy life is for people like me. Even when I do encounter something that is troublesome, I know that this issue will resolve itself in time. The people in the support facility don’t have this luxury. They have challenges they need to face everyday. These challenges aren’t temporary or going away. The residents need to find their own ways to overcome these challenges, and that in itself could be considered a challenge.

Sometimes I get to watch some of my neighbours in the care home as they head outside for some activities in the sun. I also get to watch their carers. All of the carers at this home seem to be really genuine and kind people. There’s one disability support worker at the facility who I have had the privilege of developing a friendship with. She’s given me some great insight into what it’s like to be a disability support worker, and the struggles people with disabilities face on a daily basis. 

I love living across the street from a facility like this. It’s so uplifting seeing people wanting to genuinely help others and improve their lives. It gives me hope for the world. It makes me want to find ways to also give back to the community.