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As a cover musician I regularly have people telling me that I should be out there playing originals. What they fail to think about is the possibility that I actually enjoy playing covers. The cover band scene is truly amazing. For starters, I get to play songs that I like, and other people already like. There’s no concern about winning people over with my music. Plus if I get sick of a song I can always change it. When you’re playing originals, you can’t really afford to be dropping any of your own songs. The venues for covers are also usually a lot nicer. Most of my cover gigs are at exclusive functionals, hotels, and venues. At these sorts of events I end up speaking to the most interesting people.

At my most recent gig, I engaged in a very interesting conversation with the top rated children’s optometrist in my area. The gig was a gala for people who worked within the ‘eye’ industry. Guests included optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and the like. From such a simple discussion with the eye doctor, I felt like I learned so much. She had so much information to share about eye care and vision, plus a whole heap of stories about kids being nervous about their tests.

It was helpful for me to have this chat as my son has been struggling with his eyes but I haven’t had a chance to book an appointment just yet. I guess now that I have met the highest rated optometrist in Bentleigh, it makes sense to make my booking with her. 

My son is someone who can get quite awkward around doctors, I think it just makes him a bit stressed. History has shown me that his behaviour can get a bit frustrating for medical professionals. Hearing that this optometrist works with kids all the time, and is used to their quirky behaviours, really helped to put me at ease. If it wasn’t for my covers gig, I’d have never met her!