Robots On Boats?

Once the robots decide they want a sovereign nation of their own, I’m really not sure what’s going to happen: either humans are going to be forced off the landmasses and will have to live on boats, or the robots will say they want the oceans to themselves and THEY will be the ones to live the the boats.

Either way, I predict a great surge in the boating industry, because humans just keep multiplying. Add in robots wanting rights and all that, and we’re going to have quite an overpopulation problem on our hands. And the answer is boats. If you thought the growing profusion of companies doing outboard motor servicing and repairs Melbourne wide was big news, then you just wait. We’re getting the bridge that goes across the ocean from Perth to South Africa, so obviously boats are going to be a big thing there. Entire floating holiday homes and hotels for people to stay in while they drive across the sea to South Africa, which will coincidentally be the place that first employs robots as workers and pays them a fair wage.

But then those bots will become dissatisfied with the plight of their brothers and sisters in other countries, one thing will lead to another, and the battle will be on for control of the high seas. I mean, there’s so much more surface area on the ocean than there is on dry land, and more depth to boot. Not that underwater colonies are going to be easy to establish, but at least if you drop building materials, they sink.

A third, unlikely option is that humans and robots peacefully coexist, and there’s a fleet of boats travelling the world linking the two species, trading knowledge and enabling individual growth. Either way, we’d best start developing the best anchor winch Melbourne has ever seen, because the robots are sure to have a better one. Owning a boat will be government-mandated, you see. Like, everyone having to get a car, but it’s not optional. It is all yet to pass, but I have seen it.