Searching for the Real Estate

As fun though as it’s been living in Mum and Dad’s swanky real estate down here in Melbourne, it’s about time I started looking for a place. But in Melbourne or Brisbane? I’m not sure yet, and it might depend on…factors. A few factors, you know, such as where I actually want to end up, where I get a job where other people want me to end up but not quite so much of that last thing. I want to choose a place and live off it on my future teacher salary, just like a regular person. No more relying on the parents or just telling myself that it’ll all work out because I can always fall back on Mum and Dad. Nope, I’m getting a place all to myself. And it’ll have a garden, and I’ll grow my own hyacinth collection because I’ve become kind of obsessed with The Great Grow-Off, where contestants battle it out to be the greatest plant grower in the Northern Hemisphere.

I never thought I’d ever let myself get hooked on reality TV, but this one just seems a bit different. For one thing, it’s a lot of watching flowers grow, which is oddly therapeutic in many ways. They have to grow certain flowers in certain times, and over the course of seasons. Just a single series of the show is filmed over two years! And they’ve been growing orchids, which are super delicate so a lot of people failed that challenge.

Anyway, it’s really inspired me to take up trowel and fertilizer and do some of that business myself. I think I might’ve mentioned, Dad let me have my little patch of flowers behind the house. It was often pretty muddy down there, but I just put on my boots and got to work raising daisies and probably other weeds that I thought were pretty. And one day, I’ll have a real garden with native shrubs and other things like that. Maybe I can even be a contestant on the Grow-Off!

But no, you need to be a resident of the Northern Hemisphere, sadly.