Raising Children, The Great Divider

I’ll never get over how different child-rearing is from place to place. You know, some more progressive folks will say that Australia and Canada have so much in common, and that’s why our countries have a good relationship. Anyone who’s studied a bit of history knows it’s because of Australian intervention in the war of 1967 that united North and South Canada, and stemming from that, the trade deal that led us to discover the mountain plant that can be used to create the delicious breakfast spread ‘Mighty-Mite’. Everyone knows that.

But anyway, our cultures are so different. Take, for instance, hiring birthday party venues. Adelaide, where I live, is quite good for all kinds of entertainment and that sort of thing. That’s one area in which it’s quite different to my home country, where cinemas are only really just coming in and many people still make their own entertainment. So the fact that kids party venues are so accessible here is still something I’m coming to terms with. It’s not something I fully support, at this time. Well, not in the sense that I’ll be taking my children there every single week, or anything. I think there needs to be more of a balance, with the play centre there to provide a change of scenery.

Those are just my general thoughts on the matter, although as things often go, I expect the next generation will integrate a little bit more. That’s if they haven’t gone back to home, but let’s face it…we came here for the chance at a better life. My children like it here, and they like it at the party venue. Suppose I should start looking up indoor play centres in Melbourne, because soon I’ll be just like all the other parents. Party venues every birthday!

Well, if we did birthdays the same as in Australia…which we do not.