Listen To Your Heart, But Actually Do That For Real

As my step-god-grandmother used to say, everyone has music in their hearts. In fact, everyone has a very specific SONG in their hearts, and some fortunate people with great musical talent and a true connection with their inner selves can unlock this amazing potential deep within, and produce something wonderful.

I wrote my heart-song when I was five, after being sat at my first set of steel drums. Something just came over me, and suddenly I was singing about cats and foreign brands of tea and environmentally-friendly fabrics. I never wrote it down, obviously…you don’t write down the lyrics to your heart song. Someone could steal it and claim your identity.

My friend Amelia-Janis found her heart song when she was 22 and about to become a buyers advocate. Melbourne homes must be sold, people must find those homes so that they are sold, and so finding high-profile homes was a way of Amelia-Janis giving something back to a universe that led to her being raised by wolves in an Assyrian jungle when she was very young, instead of abandoning her to die with her parents in that shipwreck. Also, she LOVES numbers, so much, like…I just zone out when I’m talking to her sometimes. Homes just bring in the biggest numbers, so in between sessions of Albanian yoga and tea brewing nights, she was trying to either become a property advocate, or establish a property advocate company to help other people find their dream homes, just like the wolf cave was HER dream home.

It wasn’t to be. One time she came across one of those pianos in the middle of Melbourne, and suddenly she was banging out a ditty about farming wasps. See, the heart song doesn’t lie. The property advocate companies here in Melbourne might have lost a wonderful asset, but…at least the world has gained a marvellous wasp farmer, farming wasps for the joy of all.