Buyers Advocates Have a Great Future Here…

Every day I learn more about this city, and I’m glad we moved here. Such an interesting place, so full of culture, full of life, full of art and strong espresso. We have coffee in my home country, but the place is certainly not famed for it. And often it is simply a brew designed for keeping up concentration rather than enjoyment or sharing with friends.

Of course, the services are also wonderful. Things are open quite a bit later than usual, which is great for us because of our skin condition. And then there were the wonderful buyers advocates based in Melbourne that helped us to find our mansion-castle. I consider that business relationship quite a lot, if I’m being honest. I just marvel at how our demands were so very specific, but they managed to find something that worked for our family, and the place even had a severe deficit of windows, which is PERFECT.

I wonder, are buyers advocates something to invest in for the future? I see potential within the industry. A lot of my holdings are still in Europe, which is fine by me the current time since I’m…active at night. Have to sync those clocks eventually, though. Can’t be on Transylvanian time forever! And when it comes time to finally bring my business expertise to Melbourne, I think buyers advocacy is promising. Maybe we could expand the clientele, see if we can’t diversify to people not searching for high-end properties, but they can’t get out of work to look for themselves.

Or perhaps I shouldn’t jump the gun without looking into the local culture. Perhaps it’s time I arranged some meetings with a few of the property advocate within Melbourne, on days when it is *very* cloudy. I’ll suss out the terrain, see if there’s any room for innovation. Not that I think they need it. They’re doing quite good work already.