Selena The Hero

OH. MY! Well, I think we’ve somehow ended up at square one, which I’m very happy about. The general consensus seems to be that Week of Our Lives is back on form, before it was before all the weird stuff, and that one about the driving was just a weird concept episode that they’re not going to repeat.

Thank goodness we can get back to regular programming, where Selena just got zapped by a faulty power outlet and is now convinced that she’s a superhero who can sense when a person needs window repairs. I think this was brought on by her sister Katrina going to study the impact of timber window installation in Melbourne and how the practice has altered the cultural landscape. Jealous of her sister;s drive to study such lofty topics, as well as how much her parents talk about Katrina and her window studies, Selena has become a bit unhinged, which was exacerbated by the electricity from the outlet. That’s how electricity works, as I’ve heard. People with mental health issues are often warned to stay away from things like transformers, and they’re advised to always dry their hands before pressing any light switches to avoid making their symptoms worse.

The problem with Selena’s condition is that not only does she think she’s a superhero, she’s also damaging windows so she can say that she knew it was going to happen. So someone gets a brick through their window, then Selena swoops in using her calisthenic and parkour skills, with a bed sheet around her neck, and says that she saw their need for window repair from the very start, and would they like her to call a trusted window replacement professional from Melbourne to fix that damage?

Obviously this is going to clash with the upcoming St Patrick’s Day celebrations that are coming up in Realsville, as well as Selena’s boyfriend and his deep-seated hatred of bricks. Things really are coming to a head…