Great Growing Plants

Pretty sure the only reason Ma and Pa let me have this one tiny stretch of land was because they were wanting me to develop an interest in farming. Yeah, because a legion of brothers to look after the place when they’re gone just isn’t enough, apparently. I have to be press-ganged into service just like the rest of the family. No exceptions in this.

But then no one actually told me what to do with it, so for a few years it was just a blank patch in the garden. Everyone spends so much time in the forest or the rest of the farm that no one noticed. Then things started getting stressful, and I needed some fresh air, and I thought MAYBE I could try growing some things.

It’s my own little patch, now. Looking good as well. Pig face lemon yellow are doing well, as with all the other ground cover plants that I’ve tried. You might call them a specialty, but I’ve tried to grow liliums recently and they’ve done great despite it being early in the season. Maybe there’s some of the family genes in there after all, because I never thought I’d be spending so much time outdoors. There’s something really relaxing about gardening; I can see why elderly folks love it so much, seeing as they have a bit more time on their hands. Of course, there’s the matter of being on your knees for so long, and even I end up pretty stiff.

Wherever I move after I get out of here, it’ll have to be with a garden. I’ll actually be sad to leave this little one I have here. Family I can come back and see…when that seems appropriate. But i just planted my grevillea winter collection and I’d hate to see it neglected just because I’m not here. Maybe…I can dig the whole thing up, put it on a trailer and plant it again? Do people MOVE gardens? That doesn’t sound like a real thing, but I’ll look into it.