Use Electricity Wisely, Kids

I’ve come a long way in my appreciation of electricity. I remember being six years old and being told by my older brother that if I stuck a fork in the power outlet, I’d power up like a superhero and be able to fly and shoot lightning bolts. So yeah, my brother was a brat…and we don’t talk about that as much as we should, but never mind.

And here I am today, part of a group aimed at promoting clean energy, and people NOT putting forks in power outlets, if the situation comes up. I hope people are truly well-educated on that by now, but you never know when some kid wants to give themselves lightning powers and goes about it in the wrong way. No, today’s meeting was on industrial solar, and the program for when we go into our next school. We travel around in our van, giving shows that teach school kids about things like solar power and efficient electricity storage. Hopefully some of this stuff will stick with them and we can create a brighter AND cleaner future, both of them quite literally. We also need to keep up with the latest technology, especially around Melbourne. It’s an exciting time for clean energy, with all these cities reaching their clean energy goals and becoming Green Warriors (no association with the political party…we’re not trying to indoctrinate the kids). Melbourne is no exception, what with the increased push for wind farms, those battery charging stations powered by people on bikes, and now all of these commercial LED lighting systems based on cleaner energy than ever before. Hence why we need to have meetings.

I want the kids to know that electricity isn’t a bad thing; just that we need to use it properly, and respectfully. And don’t stick forks into electrical sockets. It should go without saying, but…