Never Work With Large Bodies of Water

They say never work with dogs or babies, and I’d like to add another to the list: boats.

I love boats when I’m not working. So many fond memories of fishing trips, and when my family used to go sailing around the bay, and that one trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Boats are great!

But when you’re making a movie, and you have to spend a whole four days shooting at sea? No. None of that. It’s looking like things might actually take five or six days if the weather doesn’t clear up, and the thought makes me want to switch jobs with the cameraman. I wonder if Vaughn has any aspirations of being a director? I think he does. Jobs is yours, man.

Of course, doesn’t help that we were running around the docks on the first day of shooting, asking if anyone knows a good place in Melbourne for outboard motor servicing because one of our boats really needed it. The only other option would’ve been to row, but the boat was too big on account of having been for all the camera equipment so THAT wasn’t an option. We got the motor repaired in the end, and by that time we’d lost most of the light and we could only film a short scene right near the end of the film, at sunset.

Came back the next day, and Dave clonked the anchor winch right off the boat when he was trying to film the jetski chase. Totalled one camera and had us running around again looking for someone to fox the anchor winch. Oh, and then our lead actress got caught by a gust of wind and tripped over the side, so she had to dry off, her costume had to dry off, her hair had to be redone, and good GRIEF why did I ever choose to film at sea?

If there weren’t decent places that do the highest quality anchor winch repairs Melbourne has to offer. I think I would’ve just cut the ocean scenes altogether. And considering the fact that we’re filming ‘Ocean People II: Return to Oceanis’, that would make for a pretty short movie.