Wallpaper Graphic Madness

Hello my adoring public! I didn’t see you come in. Wipe your feet, let me take your coat. Would you like some tea? I have Kombucha. I’ll boil some up, you just sit right there. Now that we’re comfortable, I’d like to say thanks for all of your lovely emails and letters since my last column. I can’t believe some people are still writing letters- so cute!

For the newbies, I’m Omassi…and it’s time to take a bite of the news, and of these cookies I baked last night. Really, take two; they’re still soft on the inside.

I’ve had a revelation, wallpaper is where it’s at. Like a lot of young professionals, I rent my home, and that pretty much bars the hammering of nails into the walls. ALSO like a lot of young professionals, I have pictures and all kinds of arty things I’d love to put up on the walls. I do apologise that you had to visit when it looks so bare.

Oh, that’d be the tea done! You’ve never tried Kombucha? Here…see what you think.

Anyway, custom designer wallpaper is now as easy as ABC. I’m seriously considering it for my place. Seriously, the pictures online are to DIE for; they’re so pretty! It’s not intrusive decorating; just imagine taking your blank walls and adding a splash of colour and shape. I’m thinking a flock of butterflies just above my sofa. A swirling water motif on the other side of the room. And applying custom wall decals is as simple as pie, you simply peel off the back and stick!

That said, dear readers, I need your help. I know many of you out there have itchy design fingers, so I’ll be looking for your contributions. What kind of printed wallpaper should I get? Winners will have their names noted and their designs followed through. Please help me coat my pad with stylish brick wallpaper, I’ll be waiting for you designs! My darlings, it’s been a scream. Feel free to drop in whenever you like; I have new teas available weekly.

Speak soon!