A management issue

Something seems to be broken in the systems within my plumbing company. We’re a rather big company that stocks and fits plumbing supplies. We stock all the equipment necessary for any plumbing job, whether it is a small residential job or a large scale commercial job such as plumbing fixtures for an office or a shopping centre. The only thing I am noticing is that there seem to be frequent miscommunications between the contractors and the jobs. People are either underestimating the time they need to complete a job, which in turn makes the rest of the day run late, or they’ll book a job promising that the company has certain supplies available but then they can’t complete the job because they haven’t properly checked the stock. This can’t keep happening. Whenever there is an angry client they bypass the actual contractor and start coming to me. We lose good and reliable accounts because of this. Something needs to change. I’ve been looking into various plumbing job management software for Melbourne plumbers. For a long time, I have been against using automated systems to track people’s work and the jobs that they go on but with all the human errors as of late, I’m starting to think that this is an absolute necessity for moving forward with the business.

I’m not trying to be an authoritarian or a control freak, but if these issues continue to happen my bosses will reprimand me for not actively trying to prevent these situations in the future. This is why I hate being a manager. It falls on you to have to be the bearer of bad news, and at the same time, it is your responsibility to own any problems that arise within the company. Hopefully, after researching and introducing a trade job management software we will start seeing some improvements in the operations of the business. It wouldn’t surprise me if even the staff and contractors were feeling frustrated with how things were operating right now. I have faith that this change will be a positive one to help everyone feel at ease.