My daughter’s desk

Since being made redundant about six months ago I am looking for new ways to pass the time with my day. I’m someone who loves being outdoors but I’m not huge on doing sport. Then randomly the other week my daughter was saying that she needed a desk. That’s when I thought, maybe I could build a desk for her? I took a trip to the best hardware store local to Cheltenham and started looking for some supplies. A hardware store is an interesting place. You often see a lot of different personalities shopping. There are construction workers needing supplies for work, there are dads like me who are shopping to pass the time, mothers who have a DIY paint project, and newlywed couples who have bought a ‘fix it up’ house. 

I took my time walking through the aisles, mainly because I didn’t know what exactly I needed to buy. I ended up speaking to a very friendly sales assistant and another customer. We started talking about the process of making furniture and they both provided me with some very helpful tips to get myself started. I’ve gone ahead and bought myself some better timber supplies. Cheltenham has a furniture store right near my house that had a desk in the window that I used for inspiration. I really liked the colour of the wood and its overall shape. The hardware store had all the wood supplies I needed as well as some great varnishes. There was a really warm mahogany wood coloured varnished that had a really rich tone to it that I think will suit my daughter’s room. 

Building the desk has been a long but rewarding experience and I’m just glad that I’ve been able to build something that my daughter needs and can use for a long time. I’m not sure what my next project will be. Any ideas?