Collecting Steel Gears

I’ve been collecting steel gears for as long as I can remember. It started when I was a kid, and I’ve been doing it ever since. At one point, I even had to buy a lighthouse just so I had somewhere to store all my gears. I take gears wherever I can find them, and I’ll even have gears made just for me when I get the chance. At least once a month, I’ll go get a nice piece of metal that I think would make a good gear. Once I’m certain it’s the right one for me, I travel to the best business for steel fabrications Melbourne has to offer and I get them to fashion it into a gear. No matter how many times I go, they are always super confused by the request.

Anyway, this lighthouse I own has been absolutely full of gears for about five years now. It’s my favourite place in the world. Sometimes I’ll go there and spend an hour or two with my gears, then head to the top for a spectacular view of the beach. When I go on a date, I take them there, hoping to blow their mind with the incredible collection of gears I have. From what I can tell, they are too shocked by it, because I haven’t had a second date yet. It doesn’t matter though. I’m waiting for the right person, who will be able to handle my gear collection. Maybe I need to find a partner who appreciates something similar, like steel tubing. Melbourne has a dating pool filled with people who have strange interests, so I’m sure to find someone perfect eventually.

As I sit in my chair at the top of my lighthouse, writing this, I’ve realised that everything in the world is perfect right now. I’ve got ten thousand steel gears beneath me and a spectacular view ahead. What more could I want from the world?