Australian Drive: Hobart

I’ve made it to my first stop on my drive around Australia! I got here in record time, faster than anyone else has ever gotten to Tasmania before. Obviously, the boat over the water took a couple of hours which really slowed me down, but that’s part of the inevitable when you have to drive around an Australian island, not on mainland Australia. I’m stoked about it. Seriously, the drive couldn’t have gone any better. 

I’ve decided that I’ll update you guys twice per location because I see both value in keeping my loyal fans updated and documenting the experience seeing as it will be a part of history in a matter of days. At present, I am only five hours into my trip. My car is working perfectly, as I’d expect seeing as my mechanic put in hundreds of hours of work into my car. I wonder how an auto electrician near Hobart would react if I told them what I was doing. I’m pretty sure that any car enthusiast would be excited to be a part of the project, but would they think that I was on a crazy mission? Probably, but I think they’d support me anyway.

Despite my car working perfectly, I do plan on getting some sort of car service or maintenance in each major city that I visit. In the time that my car is getting looked over, I will eat and have a nap. It’ll be an efficient use of my time, and knowing that my car is safe and ready for seriously long drives will give me the peace of mind that I need to win the race. I’ve booked in to see a mechanic in Hobart in three hours time when I arrive.

Overall, so far so good for my trip around Australia. I don’t see anything going wrong within the next five days and I look forward to updating you all again once I get my car serviced.