Must Have Heat

I’m looking to move out of my family home for the first time! I’ve just turned twenty-four and it seems that this is a great opportunity to spread my wings. I’ve finished university and have a full-time job. I have a great amount of money saved up, and I’m finally free of my ex-boyfriend who was holding me back.

For years he told me that we’d move in together and start our lives. I’ve been waiting for this since I was twenty-one, and I’m done with it. I’ve dumped him and now the only thing I need is a housemate and a rental property that has ducted heating. Because Canberra is such a cold place, I expect that I’ll have to start budgeting for yearly ducted heating repairs. Canberra in the wintertime is truly brutal but I’ve always relied on my parents to pay for stuff like that. I think this is the only part about moving out that I’m nervous about… the part where I have to pay for all these things I didn’t even realise my parents were paying. 

But at least no matter, when I move out I’ll be forced to become an adult. I’m pretty sure I’m 90% of the way there (unlike my deadbeat boyfriend who is at about 30%), and so I think I can handle it. Besides, I’m never going to grow up if I just stay at my parents’ house forever and rely on them to pay for heating repairs. In the Canberra area, pretty much everyone in every house has a heater, which is why it’s so important to make sure the house I move into has one. 

Like, if you spoke to anyone in Canberra, they’d tell you that the number one thing you need in a home is a heater. It’s like the only thing that Canberrian’s commonly agree on. We’re a very indecisive bunch. See you.