New Bathroom Design

The bathroom designers came today! They inspected our fully smashed up bathroom and started suggesting things that we could incorporate into our bathroom and where they should go. We said yes or no to the ideas, and from that information, they’re going to draw up some bathroom designs. In the Melbourne area, people take their bathrooms very seriously, and so this design company is putting a lot of effort into our designs.

I really appreciate that, if I’m being honest. After not having my own bathroom to use for eight months, I’m really looking forward to having a bathroom that’s designed specifically for us and our needs. Like, they now know that my brother and I don’t really take baths, so they’re not going to incorporate a bath into the bathroom. Instead, they’ve proposed an extended bench area that has a lot of cupboard space so that nothing ever has to be on the counter. That’s perfect for my brother and me because we’ve had a bad habit of leaving items on the counter over the last twenty-odd years. 

During our conversation with the bathroom designers this morning, I made the joke that I said I was going to make. I said that it’s possible that my parents will use the bathroom on occasion and asked whether we could get a bathroom shower design that’s suitable for elderly people. The designer took me seriously and it wasn’t until my parents jumped in and said that they’re only in their late fifties that the designer scratched the note from their notebook. Hahaha. These jokes will never get old.

I can’t wait to see the bathroom design that the designers come up with. They said they’d be able to present it in a week and can get started with the renovations as soon as they get the sign-off. I’ll let you guys know when the design comes in and I’ll share my honest thoughts!