Solar Asteroid Anomaly

Navigating through the void, my journey took an unexpected turn upon entering an asteroid belt, riddled with a time loop anomaly. A phenomenon I had only studied in theory, now before my very eyes, challenging every ounce of my resolve and training. It was here, amidst the swirling rocks and dust, that my understanding of …

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Make Some Time

Gosh, it can be so hard to get people in sometimes. Not that it’s their fault, quite the opposite. A lot of the local electricians have now instigated all these ‘if we’re late, we’ll do the job for free!’ or ‘if we don’t show up, WE pay YOU!’ policies. A bit overboard, if you ask …

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Use Electricity Wisely, Kids

I’ve come a long way in my appreciation of electricity. I remember being six years old and being told by my older brother that if I stuck a fork in the power outlet, I’d power up like a superhero and be able to fly and shoot lightning bolts. So yeah, my brother was a brat…and …

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