Make Some Time

Gosh, it can be so hard to get people in sometimes. Not that it’s their fault, quite the opposite. A lot of the local electricians have now instigated all these ‘if we’re late, we’ll do the job for free!’ or ‘if we don’t show up, WE pay YOU!’ policies. A bit overboard, if you ask me, but I appreciate the commitment to punctuality.

No, it’s just that I’m never able to synchronise everything so that I’m at home long enough to get serious work done. I seriously need home rewiring since the storm last month. Now all my electrics are on the blink. So many friendly electricians here in Cheltenham who could help me out, but I’m called away on work, or I need to gather some supplies, or I’m at mum’s group, or my uncle needs help with his tax returns, or…there was that one time when I had to drive all the way to Melbourne because I left the pram there. I had an electrician booked for the whole day, and I had to cancel. Now I’m living in this house where the circuit breaker blows if I try to use the kettle and the microwave at the same time, and that’s basically every day I’m out there in my slippers, flipping switches. I have the worst memory for that kind of thing. Secretly, I’m terribly clumsy.

I mean, nothing is sparking, which is good. I haven’t received a static shock from touching anything, and all my power outlets are safe from little hands. So it’s hard to justify staying all day for a residential electrician to come help me out, even though I totally need to. I know I’m booked to babysit for my sister on the weekend, and her brood are so cute, but I might have to cancel. Sorry, little ones, I need an electrician to sort me out.