Pet the Fishy

I do wonder if we’ll have pet fish when we finally live underwater. Some people say you can have pet fish now, but…come on. Come on. Fish live in the water, we live on the land. How can you have fish…in a house?? That’s just silly. Is there no end to the silliness?

I’d like to get a manta ray and take it for walks, and I’ll pass my neighbour George, and I’ll ask him how his kelp hedge is going, and then his manta will start barking at my manta, my manta will bark back, and I’ll have to take my manta to Fish Obedience Classes to sort that out.

Now, let’s talk air conditioning. Beaumaris currently has some great services, for which I’m very grateful, but perhaps they can be even greater if they were underwater. Or maybe they’d be worse, because of general principle that things in the water are cooler than they are on land. Maybe air conditioning will remain a land-only business, while heating services will take off like nothing else. So it’ll be air conditioning repair people above ground, heating folks in the underwater communities…although to be honest, I’m not sure what the insulation on a plexiglass dome is really like. We’re not going to be in trenches where the sunlight never reaches, and I’m not planning to take up residence in a submarine or a sunken ship, so maybe we WILL need some decent air con to regulate the temperature. Climate control: needed everywhere, so it would seem.

I’ll have to look up some of the science. But even before all that, I’m here in my above-sea-level home sweating, because today has just decided to be hot and bothersome without warning when it was clearly supposed to be cloudy. They’ve really got their work cut out for them, those air conditioning companies, Bayside being the way it is. Imagine owning a fish, in this weather! So silly…