Office For All

Feels like I’m really fortunate to work in a democratic office. Our boss isn’t a total pushover, so it’s not like every little decision plunges us further into anarchy. There’s firm leadership when it’s needed, but we ARE consulted over the big stuff, and asked to give in our suggestions. It’s really quite sad, because our building is right next to…the Lair. That’s what everyone calls the office led by that Sandra woman. Sometimes I look over and I see them in their staff meeting, we make eye contact, and I try my best to beam mental thoughts of encouragement. They always look miserable.

Whereas here, we’re getting some of Melbourne’s best office fitouts professionals in to give the place an update and there’s now a big green box sitting outside the boss’ office, labelled ‘OFFICE DESIGN IDEAS’. Not sure exactly how broad our ideas can be, and I’m pretty sure Mark at the desk next to me is currently filling the box with his futuristic ideas. He wants to deck the place out like the inside of a spaceship and…I don’t know, something about an AI assistant that can be accessed via voice-activated commands by anyone in the office. I heard him telling Raymond at lunch.

My ideas are a tad more subtle, but I think hardwood floors would really give the place some class, along with those hanging lights encased in white wicker balls. All the trendy offices in Melbourne have them. Maybe that makes it cliche, but if we’re getting in some office designers then they’ll know all the little tips and tricks to make give this place a truly unique twist on a common theme.

Well, the suggestions are in, and we’ll see what happens when we come back on Tuesday. Seriously hoping that Sandra sees from the window what we’re doing and is inspired to make life a bit easier for her employees. I doubt it’ll happen, but it’s worth a shot.