Virtual Air Cooling

Once we have VR, people are going to start asking some serious questions about what happens to our bodies when our minds are elsewhere. After all, minds and bodies have never been separated in this way, not in the whole of human history. You can go to sleep and dream about other things, but a tap on your shoulder and you could wake.

In VR, you could be skiing down a mountain while lying next to the pool in real life.

So if people wanted to save on using the air con unit, could they just…go into VR and load a snowy landscape? Would their bodies be in danger of overheating? Would that cause my local guys who take care of air conditioning in Canberra to lose business, because people no longer needed cooling?

I have to think about all this stuff, what with me giving a speech to the Lawrence Corp board tomorrow. They want to hear my theories on Deep Dive Virtual Reality (DDVR), and safety is very much a concern. I can already hear the recommendations from doctors, though. “Always have your air conditioning on a low setting while Deep Diving, to keep your body temperature consistent. Make sure to have your air con units serviced regularly, and clean the dust out of them if you plan to be Diving for any considerable length of time.”

After all, it just takes one person who foolishly doesn’t hydrate properly to die while using the tech, and everyone goes nuts. I’m guessing that air conditioning, and all forms of climate control, will be a big deal when using VR. You need to look after your physical body, especially if you can’t feel it.

Alright, so, I’m not bringing down any industries. Companies that service air conditioning in Canberra need not fear, because we’re all going to need them more than ever. In fact, climate control is going to be the next big thing. Nine out of ten doctors recommend a full climate control system while Diving.

That’ll be a much better thing to explain to the board.