Handy Aluminium Experts, For the Win!

The inaugural season finals of Over-Botch are tonight, and you better believe that I’ll be turning it into an event. This is the only e-sport that I’ve ever been interested in, even though I don’t actually play much Over-Botch myself these days. The most exciting part has been following my team, a simple handyman group in the east of virtual Melbourne, as they’ve risen to the top. All the other top teams have established very specific businesses, but Harry’s Handy Helpers is an all-round team of friendly professionals, and they’ve bulldozed their way through the league. I guess I just like them because they’re wholesome, and they’ve caused people to buy quality aluminium toolboxes. Melbourne companies have an excessive rate of gear like this. This is both due to sponsorship deals and the way people actually use them within the game. I mean, they’re all handy fellows. They’ve maxed out their toolbox ratings so now they only use the very best stuff, because you have to have the highest ranked equipment to make it as a pro.

Gotta admit, I’m not good with stuff around the house and I’d struggle to change a tire, but seeing Harry’s Handy Helpers rolling up to pro matches in their decked out utes, all flashy and electronic (they even have toolbox central locking- yeah, that’s a real thing) really gets me in the mood to change a plug, or replace a light bulb. Baby steps.

So right now, they’re facing off against the Arcane Plumber Guild, who just stomped Estate Agents of Chaos to claim the spot in the finals. My popcorn is ready, the fridge is stacked with ice coffee, I have the night off, and I’m ready for an epic showdown. The best aluminium accessories to be found within virtual Melbourne, versus a load of pipes. Underdog versus corporation. A battle for the ages!