School Holiday Shenanigans

What’s your go-to thing for keeping the kids busy over the school holidays? I have plenty of things on my list – bushwalks, art projects, educational experiences disguised as funtimes. Even so, I’m starting to feel at loose end – we’re running out of activities. This weather isn’t helping with finding alternatives to keeping the kids cooped up in the house.

These aren’t even my kids, mind you. I’m their nanny. That doesn’t make it easier, though – if anything, I’m under more pressure to entertain this tireless trio of under-8s. I’ve only been looking after them for a couple a few weeks, you see, and I’m not sure I’ve been fully accepted into their good books yet. 

I need to take them somewhere that allows them to dash around and get all their crazy out, and which also has enough novelty to make for an exciting day out. It must also be suitable for 3, 5 and 7 year-olds all at once, reasonably priced, and serve coffee. Big call, I know.

A fellow nanny recently clued me in to the existence of these indoor activity centres for kids. Roxburgh Park has one, I think – maybe I should check it out. Apparently, they have a cool security system where your whole group gets a matching wrist tag, and the kids can’t exit the complex without their corresponding adult being present. Anyone who’s ever tried keeping an eye on three kids at once will probably understand why this is a major drawcard.

In addition to solving this puzzle, I’ve also been sifting around for somewhere to host the 5 year-old’s birthday festivities (the parents are determined not to have a repeat of last year’s carpet disaster). When it comes to ideas for kids parties, Roxburgh Park might not seem like the most inspiring place in the world, but it turns out there are actually quite a few options, one of them being my new best friend, the indoor play centre.

Time to find one that’s within kid-wrangling distance and take it for a test drive.