I Heart Heels

I know it’s not great to wear high heels every day, but I just can’t help it – they’re my thing. The more people tell me about how bad they are for my feet, the more I feel the urge to throw caution to the wind and wear them like crazy while I still can. Besides, I make more effort than most people to take care of my tootsies, so it probably evens out.

What do I do to take of my feet, you ask? Well, for starters, I have an annual check up with a podiatrist. I do this because of my high heel habit, which I’d like to be able to sustain for as long as possible while being realistic about its impacts. So far, it’s been professionally confirmed that my feet are in good shape. I believe that that’s partly because I do foot and ankle strengthening exercises as part of my daily routine. These were once recommended to my by a physio, and I never miss a day.

Having a go-to podiatrist means I’m up on common foot conditions. Melbourne has plenty of world class foot specialists, so why not get amongst it? As far as I’m concerned, this is comparable to going to the dentist. You may not want to know the gory details of gingivitis, but hey, knowledge is power, and knowing the signs means you can take action before it really sets in.

Taking action on foot health problems might include using specialised equipment like toe pads and arch supports. Hot tip: if you do find you need to buy foot care products, Cheltenham has a few stores that stock quality items that come recommended by podiatrists. That said, it’s definitely worth talking to a podiatrist directly.

I realise that I sound a bit foot-obsessed right now. But really, it’s shoes that I’m obsessed with – high heels, to be precise. The foot care stuff is just damage control.