Renovation Situation

It’s about time these renovations got underway – we’ve been planning them long enough! I really want to get this cabin looking ship-shape by summer, by which I mean ready to host the influx of assorted friends and family members that are bound to start streaming in by November.

I love having them over and everything; I wouldn’t be putting all this effort into renovating the cabin if I didn’t. But I do get a wee bit protective where personal space is concerned, especially after a couple of weeks of waking up to my cousin Tony’s unwashed breakfast dishes in my sink. My line of thought is that if he wants to be a slob, he can do it in his very own kitchenette!

That’s why I’m going to attack that area first – it’s not looking too bad, actually, but the glass splashback has a crack in it that doesn’t do the space any aesthetic flavours. I’ll have to get someone in for that, of course… can anyone recommend a glass replacement service around these parts? In the meantime, I can paint the cabinets and replace those flimsy hinges.

The bathroom is another point of contention where the visiting relos are concerned, but one that will be neutralised by the cabin renovations. No longer will I have to contend with that never-ending queue when my Peter’s sister and her teenaged children stop by – provided I can get the shower installed in time. I’m looking at getting a glass shower screen, which I should probably tee up with whoever’s doing the splashback.

Maybe there’s more stuff that I could put a glazier to work on. Our pool fence is looking a bit tired, and it could stand to tie in better with the back porch’s frameless glass balustrade. Melbourne, I’m really going to need your recommendations if I’m putting this many items on my list of glass surface installations. I’ve never had any done before.

Hey, if I can get all this organised before November, maybe my Aunty Val will finally see me as a grown up. Probably not, though.