Air Conditioning

Pet the Fishy

I do wonder if we’ll have pet fish when we finally live underwater. Some people say you can have pet fish now, but…come on. Come on. Fish live in the water, we live on the land. How can you have fish…in a house?? That’s just silly. Is there no end to the silliness? I’d like …

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Virtual Air Cooling

Once we have VR, people are going to start asking some serious questions about what happens to our bodies when our minds are elsewhere. After all, minds and bodies have never been separated in this way, not in the whole of human history. You can go to sleep and dream about other things, but a …

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Get Some Cooling

I’ve just realised that…I haven’t been to the cinema all year. That’s pretty nuts, although there are reasons why I missed all the big ones. Inedibles 2 was when my friend’s baby was born and I had to look after the dogs for over a week. Everyone said Dark-ish Jaguar could be skipped (and I …

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