The Sabotaged Car

It was the end of a long day at the office when I got the call. A shrill voice met my ear as I put the phone up against it. I recognised the caller immediately. Mrs Avery. She was convinced that her husband had been murdered two weeks ago, in what was supposedly a car …

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That’s a Good One

I know my friends don’t find me very funny, and I’ve accepted that. The other day we were driving around and saw that thing where shoes are hanging on the telephone wire and I said “Hey, check out those shoes, I hope those cables aren’t…LACED with anything.” Nobody laughed. I mean…I laughed, but I have …

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It’s time…time to right a wrong that has been wrong for a really long time. It is the longest of wrongs. And that wrong is the fact that dogs can’t drive. Now, it’s a complex issue. I understand that it has many facets, because the issue is multi-faceted, but with recent advancements in technology, I …

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