Doors and Windows

My boyfriend of three years and I are planning on building a house together next year. As we are both young and have only just started our full time careers, we have agreed that we will spend the whole next year saving and then we will put a deposit on a property and build a …

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Everyone’s A Designer

Everyone thinks they know what interior design is about… it’s just avant-garde lamps, cushions and throw rugs, right? Wrong. That’s interior decoration, and even within that realm it’s a bit of a reductive imagining of what’s involved. No, interior design is concerned with everything from the basic bones of a room – its built structure …

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Unstoppably Outlandish

Being the mother of twins is strange. Artemis and Athena started out so similar, and in many ways they still are very much alike. But they also diverged somewhere along the line. From memory, it started when Athena’s competitive choir audition was rejected, while Artemis was allowed in, despite their singing voices being virtually indistinguishable.  …

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