It’s time…time to right a wrong that has been wrong for a really long time. It is the longest of wrongs. And that wrong is the fact that dogs can’t drive. Now, it’s a complex issue. I understand that it has many facets, because the issue is multi-faceted, but with recent advancements in technology, I …

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School Holiday Shenanigans

What’s your go-to thing for keeping the kids busy over the school holidays? I have plenty of things on my list – bushwalks, art projects, educational experiences disguised as funtimes. Even so, I’m starting to feel at loose end – we’re running out of activities. This weather isn’t helping with finding alternatives to keeping the …

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Wallpaper Graphic Madness

Hello my adoring public! I didn’t see you come in. Wipe your feet, let me take your coat. Would you like some tea? I have Kombucha. I’ll boil some up, you just sit right there. Now that we’re comfortable, I’d like to say thanks for all of your lovely emails and letters since my last …

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